A Tentative Agreement

Interim employment contracts will be published as soon as they become available. This is a meeting at which members will vote on a negotiated Memorandum of Understanding between your union bargaining committee and the employer. As a union member, you have a democratic opportunity to vote on the interim agreement. If a Memorandum of Understanding is approved by a majority of members, it will be ratified. Documents are distributed at the meeting to explain, discuss and answer questions about changes or changes to your collective agreement. Since negotiations began in February 2015, your negotiating committee has worked hard to secure the best possible agreement. The support and participation of our members, including the completion of a strong strike mandate, has been instrumental in achieving this settlement. But your participation is always necessary. It is now time for members to vote on the interim agreement recommended by their union bargaining committee. The time has come to vote on the adoption or rejection of this interim memorandum of understanding. If the majority of those who cast a ballot support the recommendation to adopt the memorandum across Ontario, in which Loblaws RCSS and Great Food members work, then the changes described in this document will be added to your collective agreement, which will be your new collective agreement that defines your wages, benefits, working conditions.

, etc. for years to come. You can retrieve a copy of the provisional agreement at the ratification session in your territory. We do not provide the memorandum before the ratification meetings. Our experience is that many members who have the opportunity to see the agreement at an early stage do not participate in the meetings. The allocation is ensured at meetings to ensure that our members have the opportunity to review the interim agreement, ask questions and vote. It will also help ensure maximum participation of members in these meetings, so that members can make an informed decision. As some of the changes can be difficult to understand, union representatives ensure that you will receive accurate and complete information about the preliminary agreement so that you can make an informed decision.

What can I do now that an agreement has been reached? Detroit – The UAW announced today that hourly workers, both in production and crafts, have reached a preliminary agreement with FCA US LLC. “For many months, our UAW negotiating committee has worked hard for many months to maintain productive negotiations with the FCA,” said Cindy Estrada, Detroit Director, UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada. – Today, the UAW concluded a week-long ratification process on an interim agreement between the UAW and General Motors LLC. A majority of UAW members at General Motors voted in favor of the preliminary agreement, as follows: Total National Agreement Unit Trading Results Production 58.3% Yes 41.7% No Skilled Trades Preliminary Agreement of the first day of school for the following year will be reached until May 1 of each school year. The bargaining team at UAW Local 6000 has reached a preliminary agreement with the State of Michigan in contract negotiations on wages and benefits for the two-year period starting in October.