Capp Agreement

Child – Parent Place (CAPP) does everything in its power to comply with the terms of court decisions or formal agreements. We follow the rules of the Attorney General`s department, which is our main funder. The greatest success is the development of contracts and agreements within the framework of our operating schedules and conditions. This way, you don`t lose anything because of exchange rate fluctuations. To do this, you must send us information about the token transaction on your wallet and contact us by email – Child – Parent Place must receive court orders that have been ordered, signed and confirmed. The orders and agreements mention the current custody agreement, even if the agreement is made on an interim basis, as well as the indication whether access is a supervised exchange or supervised visit. The indication of the frequency of visits (weekly or bi-weekly) and the duration of visits (we can receive a maximum of 1 to 2 hours/week) is useful in reducing conflicts between the parties. A mechanism to verify the need for controlled access is proposed. Your access to the website and the authorized use of the content are strictly subject to the acceptance and continued compliance of disclaimers, liability limitations, compensation and terms of use of the site (together “Conditions of Use”). If you do not accept these terms of use, access to this website and the use of this website and its content are prohibited.

By accessing the website and/or posting it, downloading or using the content, taking into account the granting of the CAPP license and the access and use of the Website and Content, you enter into a legal contract and a contract with CAPP whose terms are specified in these Terms of Use. All rights that are not expressly granted by these Terms and Conditions or applicable end-user licensing agreements are reserved for CAPP. Content and functions may be modified or terminated without notice at CAPP`s discretion. In all cases, the issuance of a pre-authorization license is and is subject to your consent: (i) You will not change, do not deal: (ii) You will ensure that any advertisement, reproduction or use of the content retains the fullness and accuracy of the content; (iii) You will ensure that all protected trademarks, including author, patent or trademark statements, and content statements, sources or attributions, are not deleted, deleted, modified or concealed; (iv) You will be assured that CAPP or any other specified source is identified as the source; (v) do not expressly or implicitly state or defend that any use, advertising, reproduction, development, creation or authorship of the content is or has been linked to CAPP or CAPP`s approval or approval, and (vi) you do not use or display any content related to or in relation to information, statements or other representations that are reasonably described or presented as pejorative or negative. We may obtain or modify or update the information on this website without notice. CAPP may also make improvements and/or modifications to products and/or services or add new features at any time without notice.