City Of Aurora License Agreement

Limited licensees may only manage the physical part of the CPAT for the purpose of monitoring the physical performance of firefighter candidates in accordance with the requirements of the CPAT. Limited licensees cannot administer the CPAT to a person without first obtaining a written agreement with the fire brigade to which the person applies. Such an agreement will contain the following provisions: In order to ensure that IAFF has sufficient resources to carry out on-site verifications and audits, holders of limited licenses will be subject to an annual fee of five thousand dollars (USD 5,000). Limited licenses are still not transferable, they are not exclusive and revocable for any reason. On July 19, 2006, IAFF informed all CPAT licensees of the release of our secure CPAT Administration web application. CPAT Administration has been designed to provide all CPAT licensees with a tool that supports all aspects of CPAT program management. As part of the EEOC Conciliation Agreement, IMO agreed to collect aggregated and edited data and make it available to the IOC to enable it to assess the effectiveness of changes in managing the impact of CPAT on women candidates. All licensees must agree to collect and provide IAFF and IAFC data on the number of male, female and minority applicants who have passed the CPAT and the passport/default rates of each. The Task Force unanimously agreed that the administration of the CPAT should be used by the licensee as the sole means of collecting and providing data and managing the CPAT as a precondition for acquiring and maintaining a CPAT licence. As a prerequisite for obtaining a restricted licence, an applicant must agree that it will only manage the CPAT in accordance with IAFF`s licensing requirements, including full compliance with the EEOC Conciliation Agreement and use of CPAT administration. In order to ensure compliance with this Directive, IAFF shall carry out on-site inspections and audits of entities holding a restricted licence and the restricted licensee shall be willing to cooperate fully with these efforts. On-site verification and examination are not necessarily limited: the CPAT licence is only issued under the express conditions that the licensee must use the CPAT as a whole and only for the purpose of examining candidates. This is not necessarily limited to recruitment, tutoring, preparatory programmes, orientation programmes and the proper management of programmes, including the use of specified equipment, test parameters, qualified proctors and test staff.

Any attempt by Licensee to use only part of CPAT or to use CPAT to test established companies is inconsistent with the scope of this License and is therefore prohibited….