Consultant Agreement En Francais

The contracting guidelines must specify the necessary provisions for the acquisition of the goods and work, including related services, necessary for the project. Consultants` guidelines define the procedures for selecting, assigning and monitoring consultants needed for projects. The borrower is responsible for promoting business opportunities arising from Bank-funded projects. When the World Bank provides its member countries with financing for investment projects, each project is governed by a legal agreement between the World Bank and the borrower`s state agency, which receives the funds. One of the most important commitments of the “loan contract” is that governments comply with the Bank`s procurement policy, as outlined in the public procurement guidelines and consultant guidance. Purchase of small vessels [January 2020, Spanish] To be used if no pre-qualification procedure has been put in place before the tender and, therefore, requalification applies. UNDP – United Nations Development Programme [April 2019] Not all AFD funds have been committed since 1 January 2002. As a result, AFD funds all goods and services, regardless of the provider`s country of origin or service provider or the amount of the contract. This decision applies not only to least developed countries (LDCs), in accordance with the OECD recommendation of 20 April 2001, but also to all AFD partner countries. Commitments made by AFD and its foreign partners are being continuously monitored by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). WMO – World Meteorlogical Organization [October 2018] IDA loan and loan supply guidelines and IDA Purchase of work and services under production and performance road contracts [July 2020] Previous versions in English: October 2017, January 2017, 2006 French: October 2017 Spanish: October 2017, January 2017 How to Advertise Procurement Notices The Bank strongly encourages borrowers to use the Client Connection (CC) site during publication of communications. Messages sent via Connection customer are automatically sent to UNDB online, dgMarket and the bank`s external website.

In order to create a CC account, borrowers should request registration information via the link at the bottom of the cc homepage, while being certain to request access to the supply. Current CC users who need support to publish notifications can use the feedback feature available on all CC pages, which alerts the customer login team in ISG. They can also contact the purchasing team for their project. Bank employees who help borrowers use the customer connection when posting messages. Bank staff in the table below should contact staff in the table below for assistance. UNICEF – United Nations Children`s Fund [April 2019] IOM – International Organization for Migration [May 2018] However, in terms of the proper use of its funding, AFD is particularly vigilant in respecting the principles of transparency and openness to competition. It requires that the various participants in the project be subject to strict ethical requirements and social and environmental responsibility. Technical Note [May 2006] Clinton Foundation Amendments [April 2004]: English, Spanish, French Procurement of Works – French Civil Law (document in English) [June 2020] This Type of Tender (DTAO) dossier for contracting work has been prepared by the World Bank for the intention of its borrowers, with a civil law tradition, for the procurement of work by International Open Tender (AOI). Previous version: October 2017, January 2017, 2012, 2007 It is the responsibility of the awarding authority to ensure that tenders are widely made public at the national and, if necessary, international level. In the case of an international procedure, publications include at least the afD.dgMarket site, in addition to the national media usually planned.