Etfo Tentative Agreement Details

The province has now entered into preliminary agreements with two of the province`s four major educator unions. Details of the two agreements will not be made public until union members have ratified the agreements. It is not known when this will happen, given the COVID-19 restrictions in place across the province. Late on 20 March, the two sides announced that they had reached an agreement after months of negotiations and strikes by the union. ETFO residents will now work with their respective school boards to negotiate local collective agreements. READ MORE: Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association announces interim agreement, suspends all strike action The union representing primary school teachers and the province of Ontario has reached an interim agreement after months of barganing. Members of the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation (ETFO) voted in favour of centralized collective agreements with the Ontario government, the Ontario Public Schools Association and the Council of Trustees` Associations: The Ontario Primary Teachers` Union has a preliminary agreement with the province. “ETFO will next week review the details of its interim central agreements and the ratification process with local leaders and ETFO members.” The ETFO agreement comes just over a week after the government and the Ontario Catholic Teachers` Association (OECD) signed an agreement on March 12, the same day the ministry announced it would close schools until April 6 to help deal with the COVID 19 outbreak. “This preliminary ETFO agreement creates additional momentum for the agreements and progress that students deserve after being signed last week with the Ontario Association of Enhancers (OECD),” Lecce said in a press release released Friday. WELLINGTON COUNTY – While it is not known when classes will resume, the province and the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation (ETFO) have reached an interim agreement that, if ratified, will keep ETFO members in the classroom when the time is right. ETFO obtains interim agreements at centralized negotiating tables. @etfopresident said: “We are very grateful for the unwavering support and solidarity of our members and public opinion who continue to work for public education…┬áREAD #onpoli #Onted Separate preliminary centralized agreements have been negotiated for teachers and casual teachers and teaching workers.