House Rental Agreement In The Philippines

Sir, I`d like to ask your opinion. my family had rented a house and the owner`s son applied for a 3-month deposit and a 2k deposit for electricity. The day we sign the contract. I asked the section that says is not refundable. but the owner said his only for the formality. we were able to use 1 month of bail for 3 months. is really not refundable under the law. Since the contract has not been legalized, a rental agreement is an agreement for one person (the “tenant”) who leases the property of another (the “lessor”) for residential purposes for a period of time. Please help me. My question is: The landlord requires advances for rent 36,000 and payable for 2 years with agreement corresponding to both parties with signs, the amount of 36,000 will be less each month amounting 1,500 for the rental of the place, but after 6 months the landlord wants to evacuate the place of the tenant, what the tenant does with this type of situation. Please help us…. Tnxs. Rented for more than 10 years, as recently as last month, our landlord said that he would not increase our rent, since our contract will end this march, but that he will only add a 12% tax and he will issue a receipt from now on (beforehand, he will only give us a written receipt in regular loan paper.) Our previous rental was 14,750 (including 1k for parking, although it`s an apartment and no condo.

And now it`s become 16k more. Are there no tax exemptions for tenants? And in addition to wanting to add that 12% vat (x2- for our two-month deposit), is it legal? Should he really add our deposit just because he has a tax on our rent? And what he hasn`t even repaired every year we`ve rented, he says, all repairs are safe. I also read that deposits in a bank must be retained as trustees and interest should be paid with monthly deposits or after departure. Is that true in our country? Thank you very much. Regards! I`m in a situation like, our contract was valid 2 years 1. June 2009, 15k monthly listed in the contract 1mos deposit, 1 month`s rent and 12 months after the cheques dated as a one-year rent… Suddenly, new owners arrived in our place June 28, 2010 and verbally say that we have to evacuate the premises on June 30, 2010 because they owned it now… We have no idea that the previous owner we signed sold the lease to our neighbor.

Can the new owner evict us so quickly? What can we do with the old owners… Hello, I have a problem with my landlord, she wants to repair our pipes, but she insists that I pay for the costs of these repairs, do I really have to pay for it? or it is her duty to do the repairs, because she is the owner of the house and I was only her tenant. Please give me an urgent response…. tnx anyway. in my contract with the owner, all defective devices and missing items or damage will be charged on my 2 month deposit. However, the owner has already informed me that if we leave at the end of the month (end of our contract), he will not return our deposit or any amount, as it will be used to repaint the house after we leave. Since we have not damaged anything, other than the usual wear and tear of the color of the house (we only rented the place for one year), we expect a change, but he says it is legal to pay the deposit entirely. It`s true? I was told after the payment of the down payment for 1 year and 2 month down payment that the official receipt would be given the next time we met, because he forgot to bring it, but I never received it.