Itar Visitor Agreement

The interpretation of ITAR compliance is with its own challenges. The requirements of the legislation have been structured to allow the government to exercise flexibility and control over military goods and services. Of the 11 parts that make up ITAR, export specialists have developed guidelines that companies must follow when implementing compliance programs that are aligned with the DDTC (Defence Controls Directorate) guidelines. ITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulations. It is a series of export control laws to prevent sensitive information from passing into the hands of foreigners. All manufacturers, exporters and brokers of defence, defence services and associated technical data must comply with ITAR, also known as ITAR certification. ITAR compliance is not a minor task. Among other things, organizations must register with the Arms Control Directorate, follow certain import and export procedures, and verify suppliers, suppliers and subcontractors. One of the requirements is to keep records of anyone entering a facility (and therefore to be exposed to sensitive information).

This is where a visitor management system comes in. To comply with ITAR, companies must have a documented visitor management process to verify that visitors are U.S. citizens. Visitors may sign an ITAR NDA and a TCP-Briefing (Technology Control Plan). Businesses also have to set attendance records. A compliant visitor management system can help you meet all of these requirements. Learn more about ITAR on the US State Department website. A cloud-based visitor management system, such as Proxyclick, can provide your business with the important elements needed and provide your visitors with a seamless and secure registration process. Security personnel at external security points use security scanners at the airport to verify and authenticate visitor ID cards issued by visitors. Visitors are registered, their information is stored securely for future visits and identity cards are printed with all relevant information. As an integrated component of a VMS, visitor registration experiences can be customized. Once the identity of a U.S.

citizen has been confirmed, they bypass the provision of additional information. A robust visitor management system is not only an important tool for ITAR compliance, but also adds an additional level of security to an institution.