Pu Ordered Quantity Exceeded By Scheduling Agreement

Since the STO order quantity is 2 BOX and the total of the two GRs would be 2.001 BOX greater than the quantity ordered, the second amount of GR.-Po indicates the M7022 error. You want to make THE GR for 125nos, The system will accept that it has been adapted for 25% more. Thank you HT! I was hoping for another answer, but that`s what SAP is sometimes. It seems that we can enter into contracts instead of appointment agreements and unlock POs against the contract, instead of using calendar positions. See note OSS 522586 – FAQ: Static quantity control for details. In order for you to get an excess because of your tolerance rate, I changed my MIGO settings to offer all the items, allowing MIGO to display the rating. But when I try to do the GR, I received the message “PU exceeded the ordered amount of 13,000 EA: 10049002 SH10 1800” “. This is a legitimate serious error for po`s, which we want to keep in place, but is also displayed in case of early reception. The delivery plan, on which I am trying to make a first supplier, has a sufficiently open quantity, so the system has to look again for a classification that dates back to today. In case of error above M7022 (quantity ordered for…) in the ESM process for a regular order, please place the “tradition tolerance limit” at 0.1% on the order item to avoid error. While gr is reserved for delivery in the MIGO T code, an M7022 error “PU Withdrawn qty exceeded by 0.001…” appears.

No, it is not feasible. If you want to create gr before the scheduled delivery date, use the normal order instead of the delivery plan. If the po is qty 10 and I want to do a GR for 12 qty. I get an “erro-message” like “PU ordered Quantity of 2 EA outdated” I wrote from what I had read. As I said before, I had not tried. 1.Create a STO with the smallest unit as a control unit to avoid rounding efforts. If anyone else has any suggestions, I would be happy for you to pass them on to me. At this point, I am inclined to think that it is not possible to go beyond the limits of our business process. . In good conscience, tolerance below and overs supply plays no role in early storage. The only workaround used by people to avoid this problem is to define the license plate in the “Propose all items” styling box directly in the MIGO transaction.

However, I do not support this option because it opens the handle keeping the loop for booking the tradition. . You can keep over-and-under-delivery tolerance in the OP or in the information game. You cannot change this message to warning, although it is kept as an alert message in t.code OMCQ (message number M7 022). That`s because he`s coded hard. So my question is this: I would like to change this message ERROR TO WARNING. Hello, I do not agree with HT. We have used schedule agreements since 1998 and we have never encountered the problem you described. The advantage of SA is that if the supplier delivers (as it is allowed with items such as printing, where an addition of standard), the tradition is taken from the next version of the available calendar. I would look elsewhere – maybe the settings of the purchase key or the screen “Additional data” in the SA? Greetings, SOP57.

. Change the delivery tolerance on the delivery card so that you receive the hardware without msg error. Therefore, take the following steps to solve the problem: 2.