Marstons Retail Agreement Vacancies

Dear Bitter Boy and all the tenants marstons Retail Agreement, my partner and I are in a situation where we have only been in our retail contract for 11 weeks (just entered our 12th week). We resigned three weeks ago and we are trying to withdraw as quickly as possible because of the inventory deficit. We are fined £3000 for a month and we have just had another share taken which is again £1500 down. Son in less than 8 weeks of Marston saying that our shares have fallen by £4500.00 – what a joke. They suggest that employees steal the shares and that we should get rid of them and start over. It`s a shipment of bollocks and they said from day one that it must have been a computer error. They deny it of course and won`t even try to examine it. I have now bought the police, the premises, the councils and now the business standards involved. But it just happened, so you don`t have survey updates for you. In fact, it was my city council that put me in touch with this site.

I`m horrified to read all your comments and I just wish I had seen it all before. I am interested in some of your anonymous comments regarding the search for legal advice and your results. I will go all the way and, in the meantime, name and humiliate Marstons with the press. I just hope it won`t be free, which is why I ask the question – am I wasting my time or am I continuing? I honestly thought we were going to get our £5000.00 deposit back at the end, but now I have my doubts. We don`t do banking and we make a runner with the money we have to make sure we have something? I really don`t know what to do. I would be the real one waiting for them to find someone to take care of him while it was before Christmas, but I have doubts now. Mr Bitter Man, your comments seem very real and plausible, so what would you do in my shoes? I have two children that I have to take into account in all this, and I don`t want them to suffer anymore, I just want to go out. Please check out xx RUN TO THE HILLS. Unlike many of you, I don`t have an axe to loop with Marstons as a company or employer. But sometimes you have to be honest. Last year, I was asked (as Marston`s salaried manager) to take short-term control of a “failing” (but still profitable) pub in the city centre. It was an honest deal.

A short-term agreement that runs a managed bar until a retailer (or “refailer,” as territory chiefs openly call them) can be found. The pub was good. Dated yes, in forfeiture no. It took place with absolutely minimal staff, they struggled to keep up, but no money available from the plant. I have identified the deficit. It is a wet and dry site that takes £10-11k per week. I worked a 50-hour week (+ hours spent waiting for deliveries, etc.) as a paid manager. Payroll account to get the pub (minimum total staff for a large plot) £1700.It went into retail.

Inbound retailers / Refailer would be at 20%. In a good week they bring home £2200. You pay 20% VAT on this figure (£2200 – £440 = £1760). Even at a minimum of employees, they would pay £1700 in wages, which means that the refailers` income for a 50-hour week is around £60. As I said, I don`t have an axe to loop with marstons, but this deal is a scam…