Mlta Escrow Agreement

In cases where a bank loan is taken out for the acquisition of the property, the representatives of the banks appear on the final sales contract to sign the corresponding documents. In this case, the final deed is usually divided into two parts, with an agreement between the bank and the buyers and a second agreement to purchase the property. In this case, the seller`s balance is paid by the bank to the account of the loan granted to the buyer. Subsequently, the notary notifies the transmission to the public register or, where appropriate, to the cadastre. Such registration shall make public the agreement concluded between the parties. (3) The conditions under which the trust agent can release fiat money At Vistra, we provide trust services as one of the many products offered to our clients. In this situation, the seller will usually require payment of the purchase price in cash to a fiduciary account in order to ensure that this balance will be automatically paid if no collateral is claimed….