Shareholders Agreement Template Za

What will happen to your actions if you die? Now, you could say they pass to your spouse and/or children, but if the shoe is on the other foot, would you want to be in business with your co-shareholder`s spouse and/or children? This issue is all the more important in companies in which shareholders are actively involved on a daily basis. We believe it is important that the shareholders` agreement (and MOI) clearly determines what will happen to the shares of a deceased, disabled, outgoing or insolvent shareholder. 13.3. Global Agreement. This Agreement constitutes and replaces the entire Agreement between the Parties and brings together all prior negotiations, arrangements and arrangements, whether oral or written, concerning their subject matter. 10.3. The payment of dividends ensures that the directors of the company are reasonably satisfied that the solvency and liquidity requirements have been met in accordance with the requirements of the law and subject to the appropriate satisfaction of the shareholders as to the need for prudence vis-à-vis the company. The document also contains provisions regarding the transfer of shares by the majority shareholder to several others, who together own more than he alone. It minimizes the possibility of takeover by minority shareholders. 4.3. Shareholders shall take the necessary measures to amend the articles of association of the company so that they comply with the provisions of this Agreement.

10.6. Shareholders must declare dividends and obtain payment within thirty (thirty) days of the company`s annual accounts. The issue of shares is carried out only by means of a proportional offer of preferential rights to all shareholders on that date. If a shareholder does not release his rights, it is presumed that he has renounced those rights vis-à-vis other shareholders who follow their rights in the same proportion as they follow their rights. Shareholders agree that when a shareholder does not have the financial means to enforce his rights, the obligation to issue preferential rights does not constitute unjustified, unfair or unfair conduct. 1.1. The titles of the clauses of this Agreement are for clarity and reference only and shall not be used to interpret the terms of this Agreement or any provision of this Agreement. 12.7.