Voice Actor Agreement

If you gain strength in your singing career and start booking more work, you`ll find a multitude of contracts and vocal action chords. Talent is maintained as independent contractors for the duration of this agreement. Talent is fully responsible for the payment of its own Talent income tax on all earnings collected under this agreement. On talent`s behalf, the client will not retain or pay income tax, social security or other payroll taxes. This information may contain confidential and exclusive information or trade secrets. Learn more about the role of privacy agreements in Voice Acting. 5. Give me the background story of a character and/or an image of a cartoon character that I like to vote for. Tell me about age, family history, education, work, life experience, focus, intentions, etc. One of the first things I say to them is that I am a member of the Organization of World Voices and I am a subscriber to best practices for language skills. I believe in this new organization, and I want my clients to know that I am in favour of voice over recordings that meet the professional standards adopted and promoted by World Voices.

I always strive to meet or hit a project date so that you have the audio you ordered on the agreed date. In return, I ask you to ensure that the invoice is paid up to the date indicated on the invoice, regardless of whether you received payment for the payover in voiceover from the customer for whom you work. 4.3 The customer must pay the success fee to the agent within 30 days of receiving the invoice. The performance fee is not refundable, except in the circumstances described in condition 5.5. It is part of my free and ongoing client education program that was brought to you by the friendly people of Nethervoice. In beginner`s Guide to Voice Acting, we explained the importance of encouraging clear and open communication with customers to ensure that you are on the same page regarding the expectations of a particular project. We have considered the possibility that you may be invited to sign a confidentiality agreement, also known as NOA, which involves not disclosing certain information about your work on a project, whether for a fixed period of time or forever. NDAs are just one of many chords that you can experience in the voice world when a client has hired you for a job and needs to make sure you are looking at the final results.